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  • That Hippie Co.'s Guide to Conscious Tourism: Bali

    Ah, Bali. Magical wonderland of tropical beaches and delicious food, where the breathtaking scenery is beaten only by the famed hospitality of the locals.  Of course, it's also a tourist hotspot, a floating rubbish heap and a country of unrivalled economic leakage. The latter refers to money goi... View Post
  • The Gut-Hormone Connection Goes Deeper Than You Knew

    There's a secret (not-so-secret) battle raging within all of us. Deep within our gut, a fierce struggle for real-estate is unfolding, between friendly, beneficial bacteria called probiotics and evil bacteria. This vibrant ecosystem of bacteria and other microscopic organisms is known as the human... View Post
  • Vegan Collagen 101: Everything You Need to Know

    Collagen is one of our favourite proteins. Found in skin, connective tissues, bones and joints, this compound is responsible for keeping our looks youthful and our movements smooth. Human and animal bodies synthesise collagen naturally, but specific health issues or physical stressors can cause c... View Post
  • Fermented Foods: The Superheroes of Gut Health

    Fermented products have spent a lot of time in the headlines recently, but it's all well deserved. This ancient technique for preserving food has many benefits beyond extending the shelf-life of our items. It plays its part in extending our shelf-life too! Fermentation has a wide range of health ... View Post
  • Eight Easy Steps Towards a Low-Tox Life

    When you think about it, there's a lot going on around our bodies! From the products we ingest or apply topically to those we use in our home, car, or office, it can be easy to forget that each and every one of them will have an impact on our biology. We live in an age of plastics, pesticides, wa... View Post