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Elderberry Gummies: Health and Well-being for the Whole Family!

Elderberry Gummies: Health and Well-being for the Whole Family!

Elderberry is nothing new - in fact, it's one of the most commonly used medicinal plants in the world! It's been used for centuries to treat fevers, colds, and flu symptoms, and is still used in folk medicine across Europe today. Gummies are just a newer, easier, and tastier way to enjoy the multiple benefits that elderberry has to offer. They're taken by many people as a nutritional supplement, particularly in the winter months, to give their immune systems a helping hand and enjoy a little energy boost during the darker days. 


Read on to find out more about elderberries, gummies, and everything they can do for you! 

Epic Elderberries

Elderberries encompass several different varieties of the flowering Sambucus tree, the most common type of which is the S. nigra, native to Europe. The fruits of the tree taste quite tart, and can actually be harmful if eaten raw. However, once they're cooked there's nothing better for fighting off the winter nasties. 


Elderberry flowers have long been used for pain relief, swelling, and inflammation, while the dried berries are traditionally used to treat influenza, infections, or headaches. This is because elderberries are chockful of things that are good for you! They're packed with antioxidants, vitamin C, and dietary fibre to keep you going all day, every day. Elderberries are also consumed in jams, juices, teas, and wine, or baked into delicious pies. They transform any treat into a veritable health feast!

Yummy Gummies for Immunity

Elderberry gummies are a chewable form of health supplement containing elderberry juice or extract. They translate the natural benefits of elderberry into an accessible and easy-to-use supplement that you can effortlessly integrate into your daily routine. 


Gummies are the ideal health solution for the whole family: tasty enough for children to enjoy and easier to swallow than a pill or syrup, they also reduce pill-clutter for people who are on a lot of medication.


Thanks to elderberry's naturally high vitamin C levels and antioxidant properties, elderberry gummies are primarily used for immune support. They give your immune system a helpful boost in fighting off viral nasties and help to reduce and shorten the symptoms of cold or flu infections. 


There are a few studies to support the effect of elderberry gummies on immunity, backing up centuries of traditional folk knowledge. In one 2016 study, researchers found that elderberry extract slightly decreased the likelihood of catching a cold, and reduced the length and intensity of symptoms in those who did get ill. In addition, a 2019 review of four studies found that elderberry supplements could reduce symptoms of viral upper-respiratory tract infections, including the common cold and flu. 


While more research is always welcome, elderberry's track record speaks for itself. Gummies are the tasty, easy way to enjoy what elderberry has to offer, and can help keep your whole family safe and healthy no matter what winter throws at you. 

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