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  • Reset Your Gut: It’s All About Consistency

    At That Hippie Co., we believe in trusting your gut. Literally. Your gut health matters. The human cells within our bodies are vastly outnumbered by bacteria and other microbes, so in essence, we're basically more bacteria than human. Our bodies…

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  • A Hippies Guide to Gut Health

    You eat well, so your gut must be healthy, right? Not quite. A healthy diet doesn’t always mean a healthy gut. And a healthy gut is essential for your body to function properly, which is why we’ve put together this… View Post
  • 5 Signs Your Body Needs a Reset

    We all feel groggy and rundown sometimes. Life can get busy and one doughnut turns into two, turns into three, into four… and all of a sudden we have some pretty bad routines in place. The first step is becoming… View Post
  • 6 Reasons You’re Bloated

    Ahh, loosen a couple of buttons and take a big sigh of relief; you’re not fat, just bloated. However, bloating can be quite uncomfortable, and not-so aesthetically pleasing. So let’s get to the bottom of this issue. There are numerous… View Post
  • 3 ways to rest and rejuvenate this weekend

    The busier our lives are, the more important it is to build in time to rest and rejuvenate. It's important to set aside time for rest, otherwise, you will always find a way to fill your time with work and… View Post