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Rest + Recharge: How to Reverse Your Sleep Deprivation

Rest + Recharge: How to Reverse Your Sleep Deprivation

Let’s put something to bed straight up – a lack of sleep can lead to fatigue and irritability. We get that with your busy lifestyle, a lack of sleep may just be the norm for you, however, it can put you at risk of low productivity, damage your mental health and lead to erratic behaviours. Sleep deprivation, defined by either inadequate or poor quality of sleep, is surprisingly common place. A recent study Sleep Health Foundation has found between 33 and 45 per cent of Australians suffer poor sleep patterns. As a guide, the average adult requires 8 hours of sleep.  We share our good habits and sleep friendly supplements, such as apple cider vinegar, to help you catch up and maintain a good night’s sleep.

The benefits of quality sleep

Beyond vanity, a great night’s sleep can have a phenomenal impact on your everyday success.  While you sleep, your mind moves through a process called consolidation. Those new skills you learnt during your waking hours are practiced and strengthened in your sleep. So when you next brag that you can do it in your sleep, you may not be far from the truth!

Your ability to concentrate during your waking hours is also dramatically improved if you are fully rested. Your brain and body will learn faster, absorb more information, work harder and generally be happier.

Make it a habit

Sleep hygiene is not about having clean sheets (although that can help!). The term describes healthy habits and rituals that ready your mind and body for bedtime. It is recommended that you have a sleeping environment that is conducive to complete rest. This should include a bedroom which is dark and peaceful, free from stimulants such as TVs, computers and phones.  

A bedtime routine will send a strong message to your mind that sleep is coming. Simple habits that you can start to adopt are switching off technology at least an hour before bed, choose a good book to escape your mind, have a warm bath, or drink a chamomile tea. Your body will be relaxed, helping you to rest easy.

Sweet dreams

Serotonin is an important brain chemical for regulating the sleep/wake cycle. To maintain healthy serotonin production, look to include foods high in the amino acid tryptophan, such as honey and apple cider vinegar. Honey has long been associated with aiding sleep. The sugars naturally increase our insulin levels and produce serotonin. Apple cider vinegar triggers the release of tryptophan, which is converted into serotonin. Take one of our ACV capsules at dinner time and this can help with your sleep, as well as digestion and plenty more benefits. When rewriting your good hygiene ritual, include these simple foods to encourage a sleepy head.


Don’t lose sleep wondering how to make the most of your day. Incorporate these habits into your nighttime routine and you’ll be more alert and rested before you know it!

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