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Breaking down Prebiotics and Probiotics

Breaking down Prebiotics and Probiotics

Gut health is incredibly important for maintaining a healthy wellbeing. Good bacteria contributes to gut health, and aids digestion and a healthy immune system. The essential ones that you need to fill your gut with are prebiotics and probiotics. We break down why these are essential for good gut health. 


Prebiotics are essential for promoting a healthy gut. Including bananas, asparagus, apple cider vinegar, leeks and onions are ways to increase your prebiotic intake. They contain non-digestible food parts that can travel through your stomach and small intestine arriving to your large intestine relatively unchanged. Once there, they provide rich nutrients and thereby increase the activity of the good bacteria in your gut.


Probiotics are live micro-organisms found in the gut. A healthy gut containing a significant amount of probiotics is shown to have better digestion and a stronger immunity function. With a balanced diet containing foods such as yoghurt, fermented foods and probiotic supplements when necessary, you will have all the essential probiotics to keep your gut healthy and happy. Try these recipes for a delicious way to incorporate probiotics.


Working together

Prebiotics fuel the development of probiotics, so both are essential to good gut health. When your gut health is in perfect balance, your body can work at its most efficient. Good gut health improves your metabolism, increases your energy levels, and helps clear your mind. Your healthy digestive function will ensure your body has the fuel it needs, and your immune system will be strong to help decrease infections and illness. 


If you want to rest easy about ensuring you fill your gut with the essential prebiotics and probiotics, try our apple cider vinegar capsules for a simple daily boost.

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