Our message is simple. We love life, healthy living and we care about the world. Which is why we’re developing new-age health stuff rooted in old-world wisdom. Like all good hippies, we’ve hung around dreaming of a better universe, and now it’s time to do our bit – and we’re starting with ourselves.

girl sitting on grass with a dog after going for a walk

As two old mates, it dawned on us that the years were ticking and so it was time to get serious about our approach to food and health. That was it. We were determined to create a healthy lifestyle that wasn’t all broccoli and cabbage. And so That Hippie Co. was born.

With lots of trial and error, travels around the globe, diving head first into the latest science and of course, asking mum, we found gut-health to be one of the most vital aspects of human health and well-being. Enlightened, we learned that the gut, which contains most of the body’s beneficial bacteria, is largely responsible for regulating our health. It’s true! If our gut is healthy…. So is our immune system, vitamin and mineral absorbency, digestion, vitamin production, and hormone regulation. On top of all this, gut-health has now been found to be one of the leading factors in mental health.

So we’re determined to make our mark with That Hippie Co. We’ve pulled together a team spanning the generations. We’ve acknowledged that the best way forward is to combine our worldly wisdom, with that of the energetic youth. As it turns out, we had things to learn from one another.

Fast forward to now, and what’s ready to hatch is a mindfully aligned, forward-thinking, sustainable, vegan and totally natural health company focused on serving you what you need to get your buzz back. Our products are packed with lots of love and contain no animal products, gluten or genetically modified organisms (GMO).

Discover our range of gut health products here, which are all specially formulated to help support your wellbeing. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with our health journey and everything That Hippie Co. It’s worked for us, and it’ll work for you.

What we Stand For


Our products promote inner harmony.


Made with care and love.


Supportive of local suppliers.

Holistic Living

Our desire is to work towards being 100% organic, recyclable, all natural and GMO free.


We never take more than we need.


We give back to the world. Charity is important to us.


Products for the self-aware.

Music, Art and Poetry

We invest in the arts and support local artists in our artwork.